Mom Asks Doctors To Take Guitar To See Her Sick Daughter, Then They All Began Crying 3k

Knowing that you’re slowly losing a loved one is one of the worst feelings imaginable, but for a parent to have to witness their child passing before them is something no parent wants to experience. Lindsey Lourenco was 18-years-old in this video, she had been battling Leukaemia for years, constantly in and out of treatment and her parents never gave up on her, always doing everything they could to find a way to help her and looking after her day and night. But gradually her condition got worse and she fell into a coma. The doctors told the parents that she wasn’t expected to live on for much longer and they should prepare themselves for it. Mom spent every minute she could by her side, she even brought in a guitar and made a song for her little angel, believing that she could still hear.

Her song and the situation is an absolutely tear-jerker, we wish only the best for Lindsey’s family after dealing with their loss and may she rest in peace.

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