They Daughter Was Born Without A Face And Did Something That Left Her In Tears 840

Danika was born with Treacher-Collins syndrome and left at a Ukrainian orphanage. She never had a visitor to see her until she was 6 years old, Tom and Tammy Wetmore.

Danika’s disease has left her hard of hearing and she’s missing many bones from her face, causing her face to be shaped abnormally. The Wetmore’s were told that once Danika became a teenager she wouldn’t be supported by the orphanage anymore and would most likely be left on the streets. So they took the decision to take her in for themselves.

Six years on, she has a lovely home and family and her parents could not be any more proud of her. But theres something larger going on here, what made the Wetmore’s search the planet to adopt a disabled child?

Their own daughter, Juliana, was born with the syndrome and had been through a number of surgeries.

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