Mini Horses Follow Boy Walking Uphill To Sled. Grandma Can’t Stop Laughing On His Way Down 1k

It seems like it’s not just us who enjoy sledding down a snowy hill, animals seem to have learned how to too and want to join in on the fun.

At the White Tail Farm, Maryland, USA, they breed champion mini horses and have an enormous field for all of them to roam freely, but what they love most is playing with the kids.

It was the first snowstorm they had in a while, and for many of the mini horses, the first one they had ever witnessed. Wanting to make the most of it, grandma and her grandkids went to check up on the horses.

The kids had a great idea of sledding down, but they soon realized that the horses wanted to join in too!

As her grandson began climbing uphill, they all began following him too. Once he was up high enough, he propped down on his sled and on he went.

What grandma saw had her in tears of laughter! She saw all of the miniature horses chasing after him, running down the hill as fast as they could, as if they were trying to race him!

They tried it once, and they wanted to do it again.

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