Military Dog Shielded Partner From Four Bullets, So He Decided To Take Her Home 564

It’s not only human casualties and injures that happen with militaries serving abroad, dogs also play a big part but are more than often forgot about for their contribution and sacrifices. While deployed abroad, Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald was the handler of U.S military combat dog Layka, and they always went out together. Her skills proved invaluable at time when they needed her most, often alerting them and saving them from danger. One tragic day, in gunfire she was shot four times trying to protect her handler and the squad. She wa carried back to base urgently and received medical treatment back at home.

Ever since then, McDonaldd has been involved in a different type of battle, one to get custody of Layka and bing her home as his own dog to give her a life that she deserved. “They’re not scary. They’ve done scary things, but they deserve homes and they deserve good home”, McDonald had to tell everyone when they warned him about the possible danger of having an ex-military dog around his family and kids. Now Layka is a happy member of the family and loves playing with everyone, thoroughly enjoying her new life.

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