Military Couple Went To See Their Premature Baby But Left In Tears When Their Driver Stopped Them 3k

Military couple Brianna and Robert were devastated when their only transport to seeing their premature son, Carter, broke down on them. They had to resort to asking neighbors and friends to give them lifts to the hospital every so often.

Wife Brianna gave birth to premature boy just over four months early, weighing in at just two pounds. Because of his premature birth and tiny size, his kidneys failed and suffered brain damage as a result, leaving doctors pessimistic on the baby’s chances at surviving. But this never stopped Brianna and Robert, they are determined to continue seeing their son and giving him all the support and prayers they can.

When the Fox 5 Surprise Squad heard their story, they set up a way to surprise the couple. It started off as a normal car ride for them to the hospital, but as they entered, a friend from the car they were in stopped them at the doors and revealed they were in for a surprise. With the help of friends and hidden cameras, the couple received a well deserving surprise that had them in tears

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