Marine’s Brother Told Steve Harvey He Missed His Family. That’s When A Figure Walks Up Behind Him 4k

This really was a surprise no one saw coming. To all of our servicemen and women across the word, we want to say thank you. from the bottom of our hearts. What they do is above and beyond for their loved ones an their country and we all have a special love in our hearts for those who fight for us.

All servicemen and women are born with a courage that push them to go out day after day after day to do it not for themselves but for other people.

Rubin appeared on Steve Harvey’s show and said that all of his family had been in the marines and that his brother was currently deployed overseas. While Rubin was thanking those who put their lives on the line for us, his brother, Staff Sergeant Ervin, flew all the way in from Japan to give some much needed love!

Needless to say the whole encounter left everyone in tears. Welcome home marine!

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