Man Starts Singing In Court. The Judge’s Reaction Is Wonderful! 475

Judge Frank Caprio is a man with a heart truly made out of gold. While doing his job as an honest judge, he also want’s to do what’s best for everyone, and for him that means making sure everyone leaves happy if possible.

When the defendant appeared to appeal his parking ticket, the judge quickly learned that the man was a singer. It piqued the judge’s interest, who wanted to see if the man could sing for them then and there.

He directed the defendant to sing to the public defender, who was serenaded by the man’s singing talent.


The defendant claimed that he couldn’t see the parking meter display properly because of his height, and that’s what led him to paying into a faulty machine. After having a good laugh, the judge gave the guy a break, and everyone left with a smile on their face!


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