Man Rescued A Gorilla Five Years Ago, They Were Reunited In An Amazing Way 712

Kwibi the gorilla was brought up by a man called Damian Aspinall, who rescued him from a wild animal park in the U.K and took him back their homes in West Africa.

The plan was to let the gorillas live the life they were supposed to, to be free and wild. After spending a lot of time with Kwibi and helping Kiwibi accept his new environment, he went to visit five years later.

He was nervous about seeing the full sized gorilla, but it didn’t take long for Kiwibi to recognize Damian and jump into his lap like he did when he was a child!

“He embraced me like a long lost friend, it was just beautiful”, Damian was blown away by how Kiwibi had gown up and had his own family now.

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