Man Finds Stray Dog Freezing In The Streets And Quickly Takes His Coat Off 1k

When it gets cold, we know to wrap up warm to not let the cold hit us. But for some, it’s just not possible.

A stray dog was seen roaming the streets on a snowy day, freezing by itself with no one to go to. A man was seen in a CCTV footage approaching the dog, bending down to comfort it and giving the dog whatever snacks he had on him, before taking off his coat and putting it around the dog, to help it keep warm. What a great example!

a lonely dog was roaming the streets on a very cold and snowy day. a man approached the dog and have him some food and his coat

After a recent theft, a resident from the city of Giresun in Turkey was reviewing security camera footage when he saw something that restored his faith in humanity – a man helping a freezing stray dog.

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