Los Angeles Firefighters Dared To Give Their Best Dance. Everyone’s Impressed With Their Moves 553

We all feel the urge to dance along when we hear our favorite song come on, it’s our soul wanting to be free.

For Finley Smallwood, dancing is a dream that she would she could take part in. She was born with cerebral palsy and got to grips wit the fact she could never be a dancer like she had dreamed of.

But instead of letting it get her feeling down, Finley, her family, and her friends, started a “dare to dance” movement on social media, getting people to dance their feet off to raise awareness about Finley’s condition and dream and to raise money to afford surgery for her.

The LAFD, Los Angeles Firefighters Department, took up Finley’s challenge and even invited her to join them, as they all pulled out their best moves to impress. Even Finley was giving it all she could.

While the doctor’s didn’t have high hopes for Finley at first, after surgery and therapy, they believe she will soon be able to get far better control of her legs and slowly star the path to following her dream of dancing!

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