It Looks Like An Abandoned War Bunker, But The Inside Is A Different Story 3k

It’s always nice to see a renovation complete, it can make a house or a room like entirely different. But one woman took renovation to a whole different level when she bought a WWII bunker in Britain and converted it into a 3-bedroom apartment.

Originally built in 1942 to monitor the British Royal Air Force operations, it is now on the market for £275,000 ($346,000). Elizabeth Strutton was eager to try her hands at renovating what most people would think impossible.

Source: Daily Mail

Based in the rugged terrain of Lands End, Cornwall which is in the south west of England, the bunker was built by over 100 people, with secret tunnels and viewing points above ground situated around.

Source: Daily Mail

She originally bought the bunker and land for £143,000 ($180,000) and it took over five years and £100,000 ($125,000) to make the changes to create a habitable home.

It consists of thee beds, has two bathrooms, a wet room, kitchen, lounge, private drive and a large garden with a garage, perfect for looking out into the fields that surround her.

What it looked like. Source: Daily Mail

It was untouched and wires and cables still ran through. Source: Daily Mail

It has no windows and is far away from any neighbors, but she says her place is like paradise.

After photos. Source: Daily Mail

Kitchen and dining area. Source: Daily Mail

Lounge area. Source: Daily Mail

Furnished master bedroom. Source: Daily Mail

A cozy office room. Source: Daily Mail

One of the two bathrooms. Source: Daily Mail

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