Watch What This Little Girl Does In The Name Of Cancer, She’s Such An Inspiration! 3k

3-year-old Emily James is an adorable little girl with such a huge heart. She wanted to help other children who are suffering from cancer and are losing hair due to treatment. After looking at pictures of other kids with no hair. she made the decision to donate some of her own so that wigs could be made for the other kids, so that they could feel normal again. “Sometimes kids get sick, and then their hair falls out. That’s really, really sad,” she says in such a cute voice that will make you saw awww. “I don’t want any kids… to be sad that they have no hair. What I want to do is give them my hair.” So she went to Uncle Matthews hairdressers to get it cut and donated

Emily is such a sweet little girl and she deserves a lot of respect for what she did at such a young age!

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