Lion Chained Inside A Truck For 20 Years Finally Set Free, And His Reaction Says It All 12k

It’s heartbreaking to see beautiful animals chained up and being used and abused. One of the big perpetrators of chaining up animals for their own use are circuses, who often have exotic animals for their acts.

A Peruvian circus had a mountain lion, Mufasa, chained up for over 20 years, spending most of his time inside the back of a truck, away from everything he could consider home. Despite wild animals being banned from circuses in the country, many still do so and try to hide it as best they can. But when they finally got tracked down and had the animals confiscated, the team learned of the heartbreaking history of Mufasa.

He was living a tortured life for over 20 years, he was constantly whipped and beat and would be fed less than he should have. After finally being cut from his chains, he was moved to a sanctuary rather than the wild, for his own safety as he never had a true ‘wild’ upbringing and had never learned how to hunt for himself. He was looked after for for a few months until he sadly passed away, but there is some joy in the darkness knowing he finally got his freedom before he passed.

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