Lion Caged For 13 Years Is Rescued And Stunned To Feel Grass For The First Time 1k

Caging up animals will always be wrong, there’s no way about it. It’s heartbreaking to see so many circus animals who have been chained and caged for most of their lives, and suffer endless abuse and malnourishment.

Will the lion had spent 13 long years confined to a small cage, rescued from an illegally operated circus. The first thing the rescuers at the “Rancho dos Gnomos Santuario” in Brazil wanted to do was to let him free to roam in a large sanctuary. They weren’t sure beforehand, but once they let him out, they realized it was the first time he had ever set foot on grass.

Will happily runs his paws through the grass, feeling it and taking it all in as much as he can, previously only have been used to the cold metal floors of the cage. He spent a happy five years in the sanctuary until he passed away surrounded by his new family there, sad news for all those that came to love him so quickly.

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