Want To See How To Make A Fire Using A Battery Cell And Chewing Gum? Watch This! 3k

Everyone tells themselves that they must learn how to start a fire incase of an odd scenario occurs, possibly lost in the wilderness or simply to show off your cool fire starting skills. This is one odd but efficient way at getting a fire started with some very simple tools and it requires no effort at all!

Watch and learn from this easy how to tutorial and it may even be useful to you one day. Im sure someone is smart enough to know the science behind it, but regardless, it looks so cool!

WARNING: Open flames are fire hazards, and may cause burns. Do not attempt near flammable materials (unless, of course, making a fire is your intended purpose). Use caution and common sense, and wear gloves if able. Use of this video content is at your own risk.

Read more here: HouseHold Hacker.

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