Judges Watch As Man Buries Himself Alive, Panic When Things Start To Go Wrong 1k

Demian Aditya is no stranger to danger, he has long been practising acts that could be life-threatening, and his latest act on “America’s Got Talent” was his deadliest yet.

He asked toe judges to walk outside, where he had a team setup a 10ft deep hole. Before he started, he informed the judges that he had knowledge that one other person had ever tried this trick before, and unfortunately they died attempting it.

His girlfriend was very concerned for him, breaking down into tears and urging him to reconsider. Even the judges asked him twice if he was sure he wanted to go along with it.

Not long later, he was chained up and in the hole, being buried alive. As the crowd watched him through a camera, they noticed it lost connection and that’s when the panic set in. But the trick wasn’t over just yet…

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