Judges Not Sure What To Expect From Pizza Delivery Man’s Audition, But He Blows Them Away 5k

Following your dreams is an expression most hear, but only a few decide to actually go for it, like Jamie Pugh. Jamie has long been content with not taking any risks and leading a regular life, but who he realized he was nearing his 40’s and still had so much he wanted to do, he took the plunge to do something “risky”.

He loved going to theatrical plays as a kid, one of his favorites was the world renowned “Les Miserables”, he always looked forward to hearing the songs. As he grew older, he never lost sight of what was his dream, and eventually wanted to follow it. He saw that appearing on Britain’s Got Talent was his best bet at going forward with a singing career, so he nervously walked on stage, with almost no experience of singing in public before.

His choice of song, “Bring Him Home” from his favorite play was delivered with his own emotions and all the private practising he had done alone at home over the years. The judges were instantly thrown off when they heard his voice, completely underestimating him and his ability.

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