Judges Laugh When They Learn Her Name, But Her Voice Has Them Jumping Out Of Their Chairs 10k

When Celine Tam came on stage during “America’s Got Talent”, her name had the judges and crowd laughing for a bit as they realized how her parents named her.

The 9 year-old came on to say that she had a baby sister called Dion, making both the sisters’ names Celine and Dion, showing how much her parents love the legendary musician Celine Dion. As the judges have a friendly laugh about the names, they ask her how she first got into singing, and credits it to her dad. She was in the car with her dad, and began singing along to “My Heart Will Go On” and her had realized his daughter Celine had an incredible voice.

She appeared on stage to sting the song again, and it has every judge smiling!

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