Judge Informs Mom Of Her Parking Fine But Drops It All After Hearing Her Daughter Is Hungry 3k

Judge Frank Caprio wants to leave a positive mark on the world, and he does that through his actions as a judge. He’s great at upholding the law and being a reasonable judge, but he always wants to see people leaving happy and thankful.

One mom who received a parking violation fine for marking on the sidewalk was made to appear in the court, and with the potential for an extra fine being added for late payment. The judge noticed she was with a young girl, her daughter Janice, and asked her to come help him with the judge duties. Judge Caprio was giving the girl options on what would be a fair charge for her mom, but dropped all charges when he heard that she was hungry and didn’t have breakfast. One the deal that mom bought her breakfast after, she could walk free of the charges and her case dismissed.

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