Judge Dismisses Case Instantly When Learns Why The Man Wears A Helmet 12k

Judge Frank Caprio is becoming the new face of justice, proving that sometimes humanity has to also be taken into account when it comes to court cases. A man was called to court when he wanted to dispute a parking ticket and arrived with a helmet on his head. Before Judge Caprio even got to say much, the man told his story and the case was dismissed.

The man had recently undergone brain surgery to remove cancerous cells and tumors and had his son waiting outside the hospital so he could get into the car, since he was still recovering from his anaesthesia. During that time, a parking attendant had issued a ticket sent straight to their residence, and when Judge Caprio heard, he had no other words except for “Case dismissed”. As the man walked away, Judge Caprio asked how his road to recovery was before saying “We’re all rooting for you”.

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