Judge Cant Hold Contain Her Excitement When A Young Girl Covers A Celine Dion Classic 5k

It’s getting ever so difficult to cover a Celine Dion song without being compared to herself or other greats who have nailed her songs. But 13-year-old Giedie Laroco has a voice that is on par with singers twice her age.

She appeared on The Voice: Kids Phillipines and became the new young star after her performance aired and was also seen by many online. Her choice of song, “Power Of Love”, originally a Jennifer Rush song later made popular by Celine Dion, worked wonders for voice.

One of the judges, Sarah Geronimo, was particularly taken aback by young Giedie’s performance and instantly pressed her buzzer merely seconds into hearing her perform in the blind auditions. It didn’t take the other panel judges a long time before they also pressed their buzzers, showing interest in young Giedie’s voice.

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