It’s His Turn On The Karaoke Machine And Puts On His Best Elvis Voice. The Result? Amazing 2k

Karaoke nights are always eventful, those who are shy of the microphone are made to sing and those who are confident just won’t stop singing. It’s a great way to see which of your friends and family are good on the mic too.

When Kalan Phillips was invited his friends birthday party, they had a karaoke hour where everyone wold take turns singing. For his choice of song, he chose “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, by the King of Rock And Roll, Elvis Presley. What fascinating about his karaoke performance is that he sounds just like the King and everyone around him were gobsmacked.

It’s great to see talent hidden away in the most unlikely of places, but he’s definitely got a career ahead of him if he wishes to pursue music. No doubt his friend and family urged him to become a singer, even if as a hobby, after seeing him perform at the karaoke.

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