Injured Elephant Approaches A Veterinarian Calmly Asking For Much Needed Help 10k

Elephants are smart, we know that much, but it’s amazing to see how they’re able to communicate in their own to each other and to us. They’ve been recorded using tools to help out with tasks, such as sticks and chunks of wood to help them reach fruit just out of their reach.

One of the most notable aspect is their extraordinary memory. They will and can remember every location they’ve been to and even recognise familiar faces from years ago.

This elephant, named Pretty Boy, was living in incredible pain after a poacher attempted to take the elephant down to harvest Pretty Boy’s tusks. It was not known how long Pretty Boy had been living in pain, but took the opportunity to show himself when he saw a nearby rangers vehicle.

The elephant went close up to a car belonging to the rangers and park veterinarians and they saw an unusual hole in his head. They safely tranquillized Pretty Boy and managed to operate on him, while continuing to closely monitor him over the next few days to see him back to full health.

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