Identical Twins Have Grown Up To Be ‘Most Beautiful’ Sisters In The World 2k

For Jaqi Celements and her husband, learning that she was pregnant was the first of many blessings headed their way.

They were thrilled to learn she was going to have twins, a dream she always had, but never thought it would happen.

Ave Marie and Leah Rose were born just over four weeks premature, but they were healthy and in a stable condition, something that mom now says “makes perfect sense” as it “matches their personalities.”

At just six months old, Jaqi and her husband were surprised at how beautiful their girls were growing up to be, on top of the fact that everyone who saw the girls were giving nothing but compliments to them.

They had the idea of signing them up to a modelling agency, after constant persuasion from other friends and family, but the family decided they were still far too young for that.

It wasn’t until they were 7 years old that mom posted a picture of them on her instagram, and the feedback she received was overwhelming! Judging by how people responded, she made an account dedicated to her twins, and it took off! They became an internet sensation overnight, and things were stopping just there.

Many commenters came out to name them “the most beautiful twins in the world.”

Mom said that there personalties showed they loved attention and being in the ‘spotlight’, so they all decided together to have them sign up for a kid’s modelling agency, where they’ve had incredible success.

What do you think about the Ave Marie and Leah Rose? Would you agree that they are “the most beautiful twins in the world”? Let us know and don’t forget to share!

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