Husky Accidentally Scratches Baby, Then Apologizes In The Best Way

There’s the age old saying, “A dog is a man’s best friend”, and we agree! We’ve been able to rely on dogs as protectors and friends since forever and that bond continues to exist.

Huskies enjoy human company, they’re intelligent and are not afraid to show their love to their humans, which is why so many chose a husky as their pet.

Now meet Millie, she’s been part of the family since she was a puppy and her life revolves around her love for her family. They often play with each other, especially with the recent arrival of a baby boy Parker.

While trying to show her love and admiration, she got very close to hurting Parker, but quickly stopped and instantly began apologizing and showing how sorry she was. It’s heart warming to see how quickly she realized what was about to happen and her guilt.

Parker’s dad went on to write, “Don’t worry Parker in no way was hurt it just scared him a little bit… It’s not the dogs fault. Or the babies fault. Accidents happen. Parker the whole time after this happened just wanted to run around and play and kiss millie.”

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