Horse Trainer Starts Dancing With A Majestic Stallion, Until Another Gallops In To Join 8k

All horses are majestic, their incredible power and beauty makes them a wonderful animal to look at and see them perform.

Theres one breed of horse called the Friesian. They are spectacularly strong and beautiful horses, known for their incredible ability to perform agile movements. Frederic Pignon has been a French horse trainer for more years than he can remember and knows the beauty of working with horses, especially Friesians.

He’s like a horse whisperer, he can train a horse so well that everyone who goes to watch his performances are left stunned, with good cause.

The performance here starts off with him standing next to a majestic horse, listening to all of the commands. But then unexpectedly for the audience, a second horse joins in, and then a third. The performance keeps on taking turns for the better and the end result is nothing short of magical.

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