Homeless Veteran Goes Through An Incredible Transformation In Minutes. The End Result Is Unreal! 4k

Homeless people have a certain image attached to them, people think of them as unclean and always comment on their overgrown hair and facial hair. Truth is, they don’t have access or the the money to pay to have themselves kept looking how they want to. It’s the least of their concerns, as they’re focussing on what they will eat and where they will have to sleep.

A few people together, with the help from Rob Bliss Creative, helped a homeless veteran, Jim have a haircut and grooming session to make him look like a completely different person.

Throughout the process, Jim stares into the camera with eyes that tell a thousand stories, so full of sadness. When he finally gets to see himself at the end, he cant believe he looks years younger and thanks everyone there who helped him get some dignity back!

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