Homeless Triplets Finally Saw College Graduation Day, Didn’t Expect To Be Left In Tears 3k

Sierra, Hailey and Cassidy have had a far from normal upbringing, they’ve gone through many hard times and never thought they’d be standing their shoes today, ready to graduate with their diplomas.

The triplets lost their mother at a young age and their father imprisoned. They were under the care of a relative for many years who didn’t believe in schooling, and didn’t let them attend school until they were eight years old.

It’s taken everything they had to work hard and put themselves through school, and they were finally ready to celebrate their life accomplishment together, but someone special turned up at the graduation. Fox 5 Surprise Squad had heard of their story and knew that these kids were role models to many. They came with many surprises for them, leaving the marvellous triplets in tears of joy!

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