Homeless Singer Asked For Some Studio Time And Stunned Everyone With His Voice 5k

Anyone is capable of incredible things, especially those who we least expect it from. Douglas “Doug” Seegers has been homeless for quite a while, being a street performer on the streets of Nashville to help him live day to day. He’s been seen and recorded many times by those who are lucky enough to see him perform and is always a hit with the crowds.

He moved to Nashville almost two decades ago to pursuit a career in music but it never kicked off and he had nothing to fall back on. His troubles were fuelled with the use of alcohol and drug addictions, which led him to losing everything and becoming homeless.

His life took a turn for the better when Swedish born country singer Jill Johnson was travelling through Nashville and asked around for upcoming songwriters with talent looking for a project. She was told by many people to find the homeless man, Doug. When she found him, she sang a song that he wrote himself, “Going Down to the River” and she was adamant to have him on board.

Ever since then his life has gone considerably uphill. He’s sold many of his own albums and been on national tours. It was this video and song that propelled his way to fame.

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