Homeless Man Slept Outside A Dog Shelter, The Reason Why Is Heartbreaking 130

The staff at the DeKalb County Animal Shelter are used to finding abandoned and no longer watneted animals left outside their facility. They take in a few animals every week. So when they saw a man sleeping outside one time, they were stunned. The man explained that he had lost his dog and travelled across town, using the last of his money to get to the shelter in hopes of finding his dog, Tata.

They informed him that a stray matching the dog’s description was picked up two weeks earlier, but was in another facility, in another side of town. They helped him by giving him money for his journey and getting the other facility ready for his arrival.

When he walked in, he was reunited with Tata, who sprung right into his arms and hopped around with excitement. Love is love, no matter who it is coming from.

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