Homeless Family Going Through Rough Time Cry When Asked To Step Inside A House 2k

Life was at rock bottom for mom Marcia Duncan and her two sons. They were financially struggling and when news that her son, 17-year-old Basil had a tumor in head, they had to give up everything they had to go for oncologist treatment.

One of the nurses at the centre was talking to Basil and his mom about the side effects of radiation, and thats when Marcia broke down and told her everything, about how they were homeless and had nothing else. From that point on, Cynthia was adamant that she had to do something for them. She and her co-wokers gathered enough resourced to get them two weeks stay at a motel next to the centre for the duration of the treatment. But even then Cynthia felt there was so much more they needed.

She got in touch with the Fox 5 Surprise Squad, who heard about the family’s story and sprung into action to help them out. They surprised the family at the motel and took them into a car for a ride to a another part of town. When they arrived, they were told that they were given their own home for at 12 months while Basil recovered from his surgeries. The family broke down in tears when they entered and couldn’t believe the kindness of people in the world.

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