His Mom Couldn’t Attend The Wedding But When He Heard Her Message, He Was Left Crying 2k

A wedding can be the most emotional day for the new couple coming together and their families. Everyone wants their close ones there with them to celebrate a new beginning, so it can feel empty without certain people, parents for example.

One groom was disheartened that his mother couldn’t make it for a reason unspecified but was ready to go through with the ceremony.

While people were giving their messages to to the bride and groom, the best man had everyone pay attention while he played a special message from the grooms mother.

Her message said: “To the love of my life, much happiness my baby, giving you blessings in your marriage, hope to be able to see you soon when I visit so We can be together soon. I feel super happy that you are in your grandmothers arms and I love her very much too.”

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