His Horse Stands Perfectly Still In A Crowded Stadium. When The Music Starts, Everyone Begins Cheering 3k

Horses have been used in movies and performances for a very long time. Everyone loves a horse and they always attract attention, whether used in the theatre or in live performances, the majestic creatures are always welcome.

Billy Ray Cyrus, back in 2015, uploaded a video to Facebook of a rodeo on the back of a horse, in the middle of a crowded stadium. Everyone is stood still until the song “Achy Breaky Heart” comes on and everyone starts their dance routine, including the horse. Even Bill himself caption the video with three simple words, “Best thing ever!”

Hours of practice must have gone into learning and practising the routine, and the crowd were certainly pleased and cheering once it stared. There was so much energy and excitement going around, it’s incredible the horse kept her composure throughout!

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