His Friends Ditched Him On His 10th Birthday And Began Crying. That’s When The Cops Showed Up… 3k

Every kid wants their birthday to feel like the most special day in the world, everything on the day has to be all about them. There’s no better way to do that than spending it with family, and more importantly for kids, with friends!

Toxey was up bright and early on his 10th birthday, eagerly waiting for his friends to arrive, since he sent out many invitations to his neighbors and classmates. But him and his mom slowly realized that no one was going to turn up. He was deeply saddened and didn’t know what to do anymore.

His mom felt like she couldn’t just stand around and wait for nothing, so she took to social media and asked all of her friends if they had some free time to pop over and spend some time with Toxey on his tenth birthday.

News spread quickly, and while some friends did end up dropping by the day after, Toxey did not expect the local police department, Arkansas State Troopers, to come and celebrate with him too!

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