His Friends Didn’t Think He Could Dance, So He Gave Them A Performance They’ll Never Forget 15k

We’ve heard the phrase a thousand times, “don’t judge a book by its cover” because more times than not we end up being hugely surprised. When we think of dancers, we assume that to be good you must have the perfect figure and have to be small and agile to be able to pull of good dance routines, but that is not always the case.

John Lindo has loved to dance ever since he was a young kid, it’s been his go-to activity any time he felt happy and also when he was feeling down and out. Even though his body has grown since he was a little boy, his passion for dance still remains as strong.

Here John Lindo and Nicola Royston dancer together at the 2013 UK Euro West Coast Swing Championships and they left everyone truly in awe at John’s ability to move so well. Nicola’s husband was sitting in the background and you can see his comedic reactions when John’s pulls off a dance move with his wife.

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