He’s Spent Almost 40 Years Singing In The Subway, His Cover Of “Unchained Melody” Has The Judges Speechless 6k

Talent can come from all places, and some of the best have started right at the bottom, just like Mike Yung. The 57-year-old singer has spent just over 37 years of his life singing in the subways of his city.

He would often get people recording him and hoping to find himself as a big sensation on YouTube or Facebook, hoping that it would kickstart his career. And that’s exactly what happened, one of his subway performances was posted online and it went viral, amassing tens of millions of views.

That gave him a confidence boost to try and take his singing to a bigger audience, and “America’s Got Talent” offered just that for him.

“Success is what you make it, right? But there’s no better stage, there’s no better place to be than right here,” Mike said.

Unlike most, he wasn’t nervous at all stepping on to the stage, he had been used to perfuming in front of strangers for all of his life and he was ready for it.

When his time came to sing on the stage, his choice to cover “Unchained Melody” left everyone impressed!

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