He’s Over 90-Years-Old Living In A Care Unit And Knits Caps For The Homeless Everyday. Hear What He Has To Say 1k

Meet Morrie Boogart. He’s a staggering 91-years-old and still has so much energy left in him. He lives in a hospice care unit and the only thing he loves doing to pass his time is to knit hats for the homeless, something he’s ben doing for the past 15 years.

How many hats has he knitted he was asked, to which he replied he stopped counting after 8,000. What an incredible amount.

Sadly he’s in the care unit due to his skin cancer and kidney problems, but that doesn’t stop him from knitting hats everyday on his bed.

GRANDVILLE, Mich. — At 91 years old and despite being ill, Morrie Boogart is still keeping busy. He’s been knitting hats for the homeless for more than 15 years.

He stopped counting after making 8,000 of them.

Boogart is in hospice care: with skin cancer and a mass on his kidney, he does it all from his bed. He’s slowing down now, only making about one hat every two days, but he says learning to knit is one of the best things that’s ever happened to him.

“The only time I’m not doing it is if I fall asleep,” confesses Boogart.

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