He’s Been Homeless For 6 Years And Found The Courage To Walk On Stage. Best Decision Ever! 3k

Robbie Hance is 26-years-old and so full of life. He’s been performing music since he was a kid, often finding himself standing in the middle of the streets, singing to anyone who would listen.

He’s currently homeless and has been for 6 years. He sometimes gets a place to stay in once a week provided by friends. As a kid he’s felt as if he was a burden on everyone. He get up in a single mother family, who had three jobs to provide but it started taking a toll on her so she had to put her son Robbie into care at 13 years-old. He never got along with anyone and usually shut himself away and resorted to music to find peace.

He came on stage at the X Factor UK 2012 knowing it could possibly change his life!

His choice of song was Damien Rice’s “Cocounut Skins” accompanied with his own guitar

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