Her Husband Walked Out On Her While She Was Pregnant, Then She Saw Something In The Kitchen 3k

Raising a child is no easy feat, it comes with it hardships and pressure, but it is ever so rewarding. But it’s not always a straight sail, anything could happen and change lives. For Amanda, her life changed when her husband walked out on her while she was pregnant. It was a complete shock to her because they were finally living their dream life, they have moved into their new home and finally were having a child after trying for over three years. It had her depressed and she had no idea how she would be able to afford living in her new home alone, but then the good people at KIIS 1065 heard her story and set up a special surprise with the help of Amanda’s friend.

Among the many freebies she received were: free meals for 3 months, equipment for looking after her baby, cleaning services for 6 months, and a large amount of cash to help with her mortgage. She was left in tears of joy, still coming to terms with how she just had a miracle give her life back.

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