Her Baby Does Something Unusual On The Ultrasound And Grandma Can’t Believe Her Eyes 3k

Most expectant parents look forward to being able to get a glimpse of their baby inside the womb at the ultrasound appointment. These allow the doctors to check on the baby’s health and growth as well as provide opportunities to see the young one through a screen. You can’t expect to see the baby do much though, their often idle and motionless.

TV host Jimmy Kimmel wanted to give his Aunt Chippy a surprise when she went with her daughter Micki to see her grandson in the first ever sonogram she has even seen. Micki is expectant very soon and it made perfect send to set up a light hearted prank on Aunt Chippy, organised by the rest of the family.

Jimmy and the rest of the crew came up with some fake footage of a sonogram that shows a baby doing unusual and outrageous gestures and acts and it took Aunt Chippy quite some time to realize it was all fake.

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