He Went To A Cafe With His Wife Who Is Battling Cancer. He Started Crying When Someone Reached Over To Him 3k

Amanda Kofoed, mother of four young children, recently learned that she has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer, and she is without any health insurance. It made her feel terrified about her future and the future of her family and her kids.

With her recent diagnosis she was scared she wouldn’t be able to see her kids grow up and that any treatment she does receive, she and her family would be paying back the medical bills for years to come.

They had set up a GoFundMe campaign to help raise some money to pay for the treatment, where family, friends and kind strangers could help a mother in need. A group called the ‘Praynksters’ heard about her story and decided to do something special for her out of their own pocket.

They invited Amanda and her husband Clint to a cafe to talk about their situation for a video they were shooting, but little did they know, a flash mob of over 200 people were waiting for them, ready with over $13,000 being given to them. During that whole time, Clint could not hold back his tears while Amanda was looking on in absolute astonishment, she couldn’t believe what was happening.

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