He Watches His Big Brother Perform A Heart-Touching Song On Stage And Leaves Everyone In Tears 4k

Every now and then a gem finds its way to talent search shows, such as Britain’s Got Talent, and they prove that there’s so much hidden talent among regular people.

When 15-year-old Isaac Waddington appeared on the 9th season of Britain’s Got Talent, he had everyone smiling and in tears and the same time with his heart touching performance of “She’s Always A Woman”.

The emotion that Isaac was able to put into his performances was outstanding, it had most people in the audience tearing up and even his own family, father and brother, in tears.

They couldn’t have been prouder of his audition, making his way to the finals and finishing in fifth place and still securing a contract from Simon Cowell.

After the finals, Isaac went back to his school the very next day to sit one of his end of year exams.

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