He Was Told To Evacuate The Hurricane, But What He Did To His House Is Genius! 612

Citizens have had to evacuate their homes and livelihoods in the wake of the hurricanes. While it’s hard to move on from their homes and possessions, keeping their lives outweighs any material loss.

However, Randy Wagner waged his own war with the hurricane, deciding to stay at home but with a few tools to keep his house safe from the havoc. Using a tall tube filled with water to surround his house, he managed to ward off the flood from getting to his house.

According to Wagner, “I was the crazy guy. Everybody was kinda, y’know, goin’ by laughing at me. But today they’re really impressed with this.” When the floods came, water reached a depth of 27″ but never broke through his barrier. Once the cost of flood damage has been taken into account, $8300 seems a negligible price to pay to save your home.

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