Mom Asks Her Twins To Sing For Her, She Couldn’t Believe How Good They Were 4k

Siblings are in a constant state of love/hate relationships that often lasts a lifetime, but at the end of the day love will always prevail. Most siblings find hobbies and things to do together, some take up sports, others gaming, but this pair os siblings took up music and singing as their ‘joint hobby’ and have become superstars form it.

Nathan and Eva Leach are twins with a talent who both fell in love with music when they first heard their father play at a young age. Being influenced in a house where music was a big deal, they grew a fond to it and were soon practicing singing together.

Now they’re so good that their mom records their performances at home and uploads them online, where they gain millions of views. In this performance they sing “Hero” by Family of The Year. Their voices are so unexpectedly great which makes their act all the more better.

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