He Rescued A Baby Girl 58 Years Ago, When He Went To Find Her Again He Couldn’t Stop Crying 684

Dave Hickman was out with his grandfather back in 1955, hunting in the woods together, enjoying their day out. But they began hearing something odd, a soft sound calling out. They were curious because they were in the middle of nowhere and knew that no one could have been close.

They followed the noise and found a newborn baby, wrapped in a towel and turning blue from the cold. They quickly picked the baby up and warmed her up by holding her close, before phoning the sheriffs office and made their way to them.

After a few weeks, the girl was adopted and that’s the last they head of it, but Dave had always thought about her for the past 58 years, wondering how she was doing. In a last bid to find her, he got help and managed to get a name and a number. The rest was something he was looking forward to for his whole life.

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