He Records His Baby Girl Sleeping In The Car. Now Watch As He Turns On The Radio 6k

We can all remember sleeping as young toddlers and magically waking up back in our beds our conveniently right when the road trip came to an end. Road trips are easier when the young ones do go to sleep, it allows for a more peaceful journey.

One little girl was sleeping during a long journey back home, she had exhausted herself playing all day and couldn’t wait to get home into her bed. One thing to note about her is that she really loves a song called “Gangnam Style” by PSY. Anytime it comes on, she instantly starts dancing and won’t stop!

So here she was sleeping, until dad turned on her favorite song and she instantly woke up! She didn’t even think for a second before throwing her arms and legs in the air to her favorite song. Watch her go!

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