He Noticed An Eagle Stuck In Mud. Now Watch As He Crawls Though It Like A Hero! 1k

Nature is beautiful, which is why this man decided to go out this day and photograph the beautiful landscapes and animals around him. What he didn’t expect however was spotting something stuck and struggling in the middle of a mud plain. He knew he had to do something to help the white-tailed eagle and set off by dragging himself through it!

Kristof Chomicz, with the helping hand of a some firefighters, attached himself to a safety rope tied to solid ground and set off on his teachers crawl, dragging himself through the thick unforgiving mud. Hi picked up the eagle and had to make the same difficult journey back, before handing the bird over for treatment.

They named the bird Icarus, who is now in a refuge, on its way to recovery!

Great work Kristof and everyone else, this bird can carry on living a happy long life!

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