He Noticed A Homeless Veteran Walking Around Without Shoes, So He Stopped Him And Made His Day 2k

When veterans come back to their country after what seems like a lifetime abroad, they don’t always come back feeling or treated the same way. The number of servicemen and women who return with PTSD is very high, and for the lucky few, they seek treatment and it helps them to some extent. Other veterans however have said that one they’ve returned, they’ve been neglected by their government and communities.

One man noticed a homeless man walking on a wet street, without any shoes. He stopped the man and asked him where his shoes were, and found out that they had been long worn out and damaging his feet more than they were doing any good.

Without hesitation, he took of his shoes and handed them over. That’s when he learned that the homeless man was a veteran and now left to live out on the streets.

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