He Kneels Down On The Runway, When The Camera Zooms Out You’ll See Why 4k

It’s not easy pulling of a marriage proposal, the planning and preparation that it takes can be huge and it’s all in hopes for it to pay off. Robin Strom knows this and has seen many proposals online, trying to find a unique way to propose to his girlfriend. He thought about how to surprise how in a way that she’d never expect, and then thought of taking it to where she works.

Robin’s girlfriend works as a helicopter pilot, she takes people on tours in the air and spends most of her day in the air. Robin went to an airfield she stops at and painted two squares on the floor, one saying “yes” and the other “no”, giving her the option where to land the helicopter.

When asked if he was nervous about the whole thing, he replied, “That’s an understatement”, while eagerly looking forward to proposing down on one knee. He had also spelled out his proposal on the ground so she could read it as she approached and give her time to select her answer. Happily she went over the big red heart that read “yes” and they joined together for a big hug as she got to grips with what was going on. All the best to Robin and his fiancĂ©!

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