He Gets Ready To Sing A Famous Disney Song. But His Voice Will Leave You Amazed 1k

When Disney’s latest hit film came out, “Frozen”, its gained international popularity and kids and adults across the world fell in love with the story, characters and songs. It’s had many theatre shows, amusement park rides and spin offs based on it as it continues to grow in popularity.

Young kids everywhere have donned the Elda and Anna costumes and have fallen in love with the princess personalities. The most favorited song of the film is “Let It Go” and has managed to make many millions learn the lyrics to it.

Now meet Brian Hull, he’s been a professional impressionist for a while after starting it as a hobby and he only gets better and he learns more voices. He loves movies, especially animated ones and particularly those from Disney and Pixar.

He thought he would try his voice at singing the famous “Let It Go” in many different characters voices.

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